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Mobile Apps take number one dais position in web world today. The most business houses old or new depend upon it to reach out to the masses. We at EamaniTech understand your business needs and obligations, customers’ perspective & expectations attached with the apps they use. We not only creatively design the customized apps but also oversee all aspects of apps marketing.
Strategically, ET endeavors complete support the following ways of app marketing and development:

  • Creative, objective and custom development
  • Innovative Strategies
  • Enterprise technology platforms
  • Presentation of brand marketing
  • Advertising tools and technology

App marketing Parameters

  • Valuation of your app in reality– It’s important to know where your apps stand through our analysis in comparison to competitors’ apps. Doing realty check of its innovation, acceptance, operative easiness. The right guideline helps in adopting right marketing strategies to push the apps in the market.
  • Launch the app -The day one of app launch is important for us, as we fully realize the significance of app that should be launched through suitable portals and should have visibility from day one for the target customers.
  • Your App’s Store Visibility – Optimization of app marketing is the key for app to be visible always. We care to enhance chances of constant visibility of your app by keywords, description, images display etc. Even using SEO, Online Advertising, Social media marketing for making apps viral.

Marketing Strategies simplified

Competitive analysis > Launch strategy >preparing launch-pad > Teaser campaign for awareness > Launch > strategic advertisement through social media > Hard selling by contests and freebies
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