Enterprise Solutions:

EamaniTech is a leading edge, global provider of IT consulting with highly reliable Enterprise solutions for Critical & Large applications. At Eamanitech, we deliver value by empowering organizations with an effective approach towards work, employees, representatives and partner companies. The Company strives to be an International Player to new market sections, connecting with clients in presenting imaginative ideas.
At the Enterprise level, taking care of too many applications independently can be too complicated. Some applications, if clubbed can decrease the time and endeavors thus, expand and increase proficiency. The focus of each business process needs automation in this ever changing Online networking, portable innovation in the form of Mobile Technologies. There are several drivers and challenges of Cloud adoption today, such as data theft and hacking and other numerous challenges. When it comes to Cloud Computing, Eamanitech can help you to streamline your critical business processes.
Enterprise Solutions are an emerging approach to execute, large scale tools that help enterprises in bringing numerous processes, people and data on a single integrated platform for viewing and generating multiple online and hard copy reports at any time. In Addition, when the Enterprise is global, there will be the more difficulties and challenges to execute the various operations. By the help of our enterprise solutions, we provide solutions with a Real-time exchange of information to accelerate your business functioning while improving the performance.
Our skills and practical experience in Enterprise Solutions Services includes:

  • Enterprise Content Management System
  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Enterprise Mobility Services
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Enterprise Customer Relationship Management

EamaniTech’s Enterprise solutions Process & benefits:

Creating-> Managing->Capturing->Integrating->Storing->Preserving->Delivering-> Retrieving

  • Manage Data flow across the Organization
  • Accelerates your business functioning
  • Improves your Organization Efficiency
  • Reduces the Difficulties on Conducting numerous operations
  • Quick and seamless access to the Data and Reports
  • Extensive insights to your Data and Reports
  • Security Enabled For the data
  • Consistent and reliable solutions
  • Faster and better decision making
  • Reduce operating Costs

Enterprise Data Integration & Management Solutions:

EamaniTech offers Quality and Scalable Data Integration& Management Solutions to the Organizations worldwide. The company follows best-in-class practices and processes for data integration solutions. We have highly-skilled employees with rich experience in the areas of ETL Integration.
EamaniTech also aims to become a leading Data Integration Corporation and Management Solutions in the near future.  Our ranges of specializations include:
Enterprise Data Integration:

  • Data Governance
  • Data Migration
  • Data Quality
  • Data Synchronization
  • Data Warehousing

We are experts for Informatica Corporation for Data integration solutions.

ETL Tool – Informatica Data Mining and Transform:

Informatica is a powerful ETL tool which stands for Extract-Transform-Load data from different heterogeneous data sources to commonly one data source.
E-Represents the ability to consistently and reliably extract data with high performance and minimal impact to the source system
T- Represents the ability to transform one or more data sets in batch or real-time into a consumable format
L- Stands for loading data into a persistent or virtual data store.

Features in Informatica over other ETL tools:

  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Handling all Business Requirements
  • Maintenance and Configurations
  • Versioning and Source Control
  • Security
  • Cost of Servers
  • Resources and Support

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